Katina A. Brown

 Over the past 20 years, Katina A. Brown has empowered the lives of thousands through seminars, workshops and live conferences both at home and abroad.  Attendees and participants of her events have experienced great spiritual growth, guidance and inspiration to succeed in every area of their lives. As a Double Master's Level Educator, Ministry Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Author, Relationship Coach, and Consultant, Katina's passion is to utilize Godly wisdom and practical insight as an instrument of change in the lives of others so that they can find their meaningful purpose and fulfill their God-Given Destiny!

Katina Brown is also the C.E.O. and Founder of KBM Global; Kingdom Parent Education and Family Services, Women of D.E.S.T.IN.Y.Ministries; The Watchman's School of Prayer & Intercession; Compass Coaching & Consulting Services; D.E.S.T.IN.Y. Youth Empowerment Groups, Kingdom Fellowship Ministry Training Center and is a noted Author, Trainer, Coach, and Mentor with a passion for activating change in the lives of others.

She is a loving and devoted wife, the mother of one Son, and many other "children" who have adopted her throughout her life and career. Katina's wealth of knowledge and insight are in tremendous demand and has transformed the lives of individuals, ministries and families across generational and cultural lines.