Through up-close and personal dialogue about issues that encompass the human experience, Katina has developed the following resources for her audience to access the wisdom they need to find meaningful purpose in their daily lives.

Wisdom's Harvest




The tests and trials of life are many.  Either we use them for building blocks for our future or allow them to destroy us.  Much like an oyster's response to a potentially harmful intrusion in its shell which is the beginning process of pearl formation, our response to the challenges in life can produce something of value and great worth. In this book of wisdom, you will learn how to turn what may have seemed to be life's set backs into set-ups for a plentiful harvest of victory!

*Revised Edition Available NOW on Kindle AND in Paperback!

I Can Do Good All By Myself!

ISBN-13: 978-1545593899


Have you ever wondered how a relationship that started off so well, ended so badly? Will you ever be able to be single and happy all at the same time? What are the keys of preparation for a successful relationship? In "I Can Do Good All By Myself", Katina R. Anderson discusses: How to detect Warning Signs in a relationship; How to determine your Self-Worth; The Power to Walk Away from toxic relationships; How to Look Within to find your true desires for a mate, And Much More!


*Revised Edition Available NOW on Kindle AND in Paperback!


As a Double Master's level Professional, Kay has developed both in-person and virtual programs and services to help individuals, couples and families find meaningful purpose in their lives.  She facilitates Webinars, Trainings and Masterclass events on a regular basis to help her clients attain the tools they need for success. If you are in need of skilled, results-driven services and are ready to do the work, consider taking the next step toward your purpose and destiny by exploring how these services may help you!

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Compass Coaching & Consulting

Professional Life, Relationship & Marriage Coaching


Sometimes despite our best efforts, the relationships that matter most to us end up shipwrecked and in need of a major overhaul.  Using over 20 years of experience as a multi-degreed Counseling Professional, Kay Brown has successfully developed a Coaching Practice with proven results.  Her up close and personal approach has  helped couples find healing from infidelity, bring estranged families back together and assist the hurting with grief and loss.  Coaching services are offered both in-office and virtually to provide the most effective means of support.  If you are in search of non-traditional services to get on a forward progressing track in your life, contact our offices to discover how Kay can help you "chart the course to your purpose and destiny!